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Il Team

Vincenzo Vernocchi

CEO | Wine Maker | Founder


Winemaker, graduate studies in Viticulture and Enology, Faculty of Agriculture 's University of Bologna in Cesena. CANTINA BRASCHI 1949 co-owner, Boasts decades of experience in the Restaurant and Ho.Re.Ca channel, in the last 10 years has brought forward a number of vintages, directly following vinification, aging, packaging and design of products on behalf of several national and international wineries. During 2012 he followed the production of the wines of 'Fusion Wines' which were produced in the state of Maharastra-India, thanks to the partnership with Kiara Wines, current importer of wines produced by CANTINA BRASCHI 1949 and  ENOICA SRL.




Land line:+39054791061

Fax: +39054791260

skype: vincenzo.enoica

email1: vincenzo.vernocchi@enoica.com

email2: vincenzo@cantinabraschi.com

Davide Castagnoli


VP | Sales and Marketing | Founder



Mr Davide Castagnoli , CANTINA BRASCHI 1949 co-owner, 'Wine passionated', with several years of Experience in the wine sector, he has good skills and knowledge in everything concerning the socio-economic and lifestyle-related consumption national and international of wine. Member and advisor for a dozen years of Slow Food Presidium of Cesena. He loves to visit wineries in the free periods in Piedmont, Franciacorta, Tuscany, in the 2001 he went to Champagne region to discover a small and niche VIGNERON / RECOLTANT producers  but he especially loves Burgundy, and his wonderful wines.


Actually he is a General Manager  of CANTINA BRASCHI and ENOICA SRL and brand manager of the group for CHINA, USA e EUROPE.




Land line:+39054791061

Fax: +39054791260

skype: davide.enoica

email1: davide.castagnoli@enoica.com

Diana Morduhovic 


Enoica Export Manager 


Export Manager for Cantina Braschi 1949 and Enoica Srl, has joined this project in 2011. Coming from the  several years of working experience in trading, import & export  in Italy and abroad. Has good skills in international sales management and logistics. Spoken languages: Russian / Italian / English.



Land line:+39054791061

Fax: +39054791260

skype: diana.enoica

email: diana@enoica.com



Gabriele Roboiti


Responsible Wine production department 


Responsible for the entire Wine production department and packaging lines in the ENOICA's group, he's a professional with extensive experience of managing production processes, he's follows the staff and the production department of the Wine Cellars.




Land line:+39054791061

Fax: +39054791260

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